2013 A Year of Remembering and Discovering Through Art

Before I grew up and developed this silly notion that I had to try and be perfect, I used to draw and paint. In fact, I dabbled with many artistic and hobby type crafts. I even remember being happy with my God-given, although mediocre, talent.

Along the way negative forces and voices entered my life and for many reasons I thought that if I wasn’t the best at something I simply shouldn’t waste my time. So I gave up on most of my artistic activity.

Then a few years ago I got this crazy notion that I should write a novel. I think that the creative itch was still rooted deep under my skin and writing was the way in which it tried to manifest. Problem was – I really sucked at writing. I sucked way worse than at any other art or craft I ever dabbled with and I finally realized that writing wasn’t making me happy.

Over time I must have developed a more mature outlook on life, for I finally realized I don’t have to be perfect. If doing creative things makes me happy – even if there isn’t a future career to be had or even money to be made – I should be satisfied with my efforts. So I decided that 2013 would be the year that I started doing things with a different goal in mind. That goal being my happiness.

I’m dedicating this blog to sharing that happiness journey with you. Artwork and crafts, both past and present, will be posted here. Conversation will be short as I discovered over the past few years that writing really isn’t my thing – but I might still chat about a few topics from time to time.

With that I say, “Welcome!”  and I hope you stop by from time to time.

May the new year bring you happiness beyond normal measure.


One thought on “2013 A Year of Remembering and Discovering Through Art

  1. Hi, it’s Walk, remember me? It’s been a few months, maybe a year, since I’ve looked at blogs, and am quite surprised and delighted on what you have going here. I too suck at writing, but I do love to paint and snap a few photographs. You might have started something, I’m going to have to change my blog now. I agree that you should do what makes you happy, and in my experience, painting does make me happy, now you go be happy too.

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